Drivers with the Bluetooth control option has integrated support for Casambi’s light control app, available for free download in the ’App Store’ or ’Google Play’.

After installing the app, the driver can be directly controlled from any bluetooth 4.0 enabled ’smart’ device such as a mobile phone or pads. Control and status reporting seamlessly integrates to the other dimming methods such as DALI,  push or 1-10V input. 

With the Bluetooth option, status about the driver’s output voltages, current and power consumption can be monitored directly in the app for diagnostics. Sensor and information can also be integrated into a cloud service for backend reporting, please contact us if interested in these solutions. 

Please read more in our technical datasheet. All three drivers – SSW60, SSW60DALI and SSW60WCM – are featured in the sheet.

The SSW60 driver can easily be expanded with new functionality and control protocols for customized applications, please contact us for more information.