Dimming with wireless Bluetooth technology
The popular dimmer series LD, now gets WCM option (V-4022010WCM) that adds wireless control features based on the standard Bluetooth protocol found in most modern smartphones and tablets. Download the Casambi app for Android (requires version 4,4+) or Apple’s iOS and take control of your luminaires and get full diming control through your smartphone.

LD220WCM works with MESH technology, which means that the units are talking to each other, and you only need to have coverage to one single unit. By using the MESH network technology you  only need to be within range (normally 30 meter) of a single unite to have control over all units in your installation. Because of the MESH technology you can build large scale installations with up to 127 units and easily control them all from your smart phone or tablet. 

Group and scene settings
Each control gear in your installation can be controlled entirely individually. It is also possible to control the two outputs of the control gear separately. Most common is that the user wants to control a group of luminaires simultaneously to easily dim an entire room. The control gears are grouped by the app, and you can easily dim / control them simultaneously.

Momentary switch function
Connect a regular momentary switch and get synced control over whichever LD220WCM dimmers you wish. The switch can be tailored on your smartphone to get control over a unit or a group. Or even any other LD220WCM device that is connected to Blutetooth MESH network. Programming is simply done on your phone. With this support it means that you can easily get control of your LD220WCM even if your phone or tablet would be shut off.

Access and share settings
The internal communication between the control gears is protected by asymmetric keys and an encryption scheme. The first time your LD220WCM dimmers are being used, they are paired to a master device (smartphone or tablet). The network or the device can then be shared with the number of units you want by entering the password or leave it open for access by any device desired. Simple and user friendly.

Continually updated control gears
The software in your LD220WCM is easily updated by connecting it through your smartphone or tablet to the internet. That gives you access to the latest features and updates on your control gears. Through the MESH network your control gears will communicate with each other and update each other.

230V installation
The bluetooth dimmer LD220WCM is designed to dim the LEDs, therefore the low start up power at 1W. It is very flexible in the sense that it is able to dim all 230V installations up to 200VA, whether it is LED, halogen, incandescent lamps or low energy.

Thanks to the market’s most common communication protocol are broadly available in all smartphones / tablets today the integrated Bluetooth and MESH technology offers LD220WCM endless possibilities! This provides the easiest setup of any installation. With the LD220WCM, any combination of CV and CC LED can be mixed and controlled from the same simple intuitive interface using your smartphone / tablet.

Astro function and time schedule
Astro function means that the lighting follows the sunrise / sunset. By choosing your geographic location, you are given the ability to control your lighting after your sunrise / sunset. The time schedule and astro function is set via the app. The settings is then stored in the LED control gears memory and will work after the gear’s internal clock.

Additional control options
Take a photo of your living room or conference room, then combine it with the app to tie the  luminaire through the photo. Now you can easily get control of your selected room by pressing the fixture and then drag the slider that appears. It´s that easy.


A technical data sheet will be up shortly.